Company Profile :

Accelerate Change Through Transformation - 'ACTT’ Global is a performance improvement enterprise, Headquartered in Dubai- UAE with offices in Delhi & Bangalore in India and are leaders in CONSULTING, TRAINING AND COACHING for a wide range of businesses and industries.

Our programs and approaches are based on a combination of skills, processes and behavior. We truly believe that ‘our achievements are embodied in our customers’ success – Our future is based on our customers.

Our philosophy and approach  is timeless. Yet it blends comfortably with change and innovation. Our ‘people and process development’ solutions can be completely adapted to the specific needs of various countries, cultures and people to maximize effectiveness.

ACTT Global draws up specific development plans evolved through focused research on customer organizations. We help make strategies happen through a partnership with our customers in their successful development efforts. It is this emphasis on implementation assistance that sets ACTT Global apart from others.

The methodology involves active participation of the delegates through case studies, role plays and group discussions. Specific working tools for particular work situations are developed making the program - “your program for your benefit.”