Representing a unique partnership between the private sector and higher education, The Institute for Professional Sales (TIPS) is a partnership between ACT Global Trainers, India and St. Joseph’s College Of Business Administration, Bangalore to elevate sales and the profession of sales . We represent a unique learning resource for sales professionals and the companies they represent. ‘The Institute of Professional Sales’ advances the profession of personal selling and sales leadership in the B2B environment for students and business professionals.

The Institute offers a comprehensive sequence of sales and sales leadership classes and extra-curricular activities that prepare students for selling in the dynamic marketplace of the 21st century. Graduates are prepared, to excel as consultative, relationship-building sales professionals.

A Brief: The contemporary graduate of the professional sales program will understand and recognize how to effectively apply sales theories within the firm, utilize skills concerning selling foundations, understanding buyers, affect effective communication skills, implement selling strategies including initiating customer relationships, approaching customers, and delivering sales presentations. Graduates will be prepared to utilize well-developed and rational decision making methodologies in handling customer dealings, team selling, and self-leadership, as well as coordinating and executing those activities that support the creation of goods and services.