Background – Our Understanding – "The Need" :

Organizations prefer to hire experienced sellers as compared to graduates new to sales. Developing new seller requires a lot of investment in terms of time, effort and money before he or she becomes effective and productive. Thereafter, retention of trained sellers becomes the challenge.

Training a new seller requires the time and effort of not only the training and learning teams, but that of senior sellers and buyers as well. To practice sales, the raw graduate, engineer or otherwise, needs to be trained, tried and tested vigorously to achieve results. This process may be constrained at times due to a lack of facilities, and the training process may in itself be unstructured and inefficient.

Corporates also know that a graduate new to sales is less expensive than a seller with experience. Furthermore, retaining a trained seller could be a bigger challenge than retaining an untrained and less productive one. Therefore the questions that needs to be answered are:

  • Should we deal with the challenge of retaining a productive trained seller, or is it better to face the churn of the untrained less productive one? or,
  • Knowing that churn is constant, should we think about how we can make the seller as productive as possible for the time the seller is employed with us?
  • How can we address the dichotomies of the need to decrease training costs on the one hand, and on the other, get the new seller to be effective and productive as soon as possible?