Why ACTT Global Training & Development

The Success Cycle – your own tailor made approach to planning and success

The reason for the success of organisations & individuals lies in their step-by-step approach to getting things done. The most successful leaders use planning cycles to back up their vision with action and these include goals like leadership, performance management, strategic planning, change management and more. A good success cycle makes use of all of these to achieve a concept of balance.

Overall the results we choose to achieve are based on the actions we pursue. The actions we pursue are based on the capabilities and competence that we possess which in turn are based on our beliefs and personified by the attitude we display.

We believe that everyone has unlimited potential within themselves. Unless this potential is harnessed through our values, beliefs, attitude and resources, they continue to remain just ‘potentials’.

Behavior and change are to be evaluated in terms of context and environment. We need to evaluate behavior in terms of the context in which it occurs; i.e. the circumstances going on in the client’s operating environment. We also need to evaluate the desired change in terms of the context in which it occurs and the environmental effects of making that change.

At ACTT Global we integrate processes and techniques with skills and behavior through NLP to transform knowledge into performance and thereby results.